Fun Links

Fun Links

The “Sunrise Coast” is Pure Michigan  –>   Sunrise Side Beaches and Water 

Do you see a Great Lakes freighter out in the water and wonder about what it is and where it may be heading?  Try this link –>

Supporting the state with every sip …Michigan by the Bottle.   Regional wineries and breweries.

Curious about current water level of Lake Huron? Check out the weekly US Army Corps of Engineers update —>US Army Corp of Engineers – Weekly Update  OR visit the   Great Lakes Water Dashboard

Satellite measured surface water temperatures, wind and wave forecasts, animated currents etc can be found at Michigan State University’s Coast Watch

The sky at night often has satellites zooming across the starry background.  You may be able to find out about them at –>
What about those gossamer veils you may see in the night sky? Are they the Aurora Borialis (Northern Lights)?   The space weather forecast for our part of the solar system is at –>

The normal “down to earth” weather forecast can be found at      Use the zip code 48738.

Lake Huron NOAA Buoy Data – Air and water temperatures, wave heights, barometric pressure and trends, wind speeds and directions.  –>

More information on Lake Huron and the Great Lakes System is provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers  —-

Planning to visit one of the many local inland lakes in the area?  Lake maps for many are provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources –>  Michigan DNR Maps

The Great Lakes node of the national Integrated Ocean Observing System  –>

 Take a ride to Alpena to visit the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan

All Michigan, All the time  Absolute Michigan  –>

Interested in SHIPWRECKS?  The NOAA – Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center is just a little north in Alpena –>